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Is Making Money On The Internet Easy?

Making Money On The Internet made free and easy right here.

There’s a lot of free information on this site, all pertaining to making money on the internet. Take your time, look around, and read everything that catches your interest.

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How do you get started making money on the internet if you have no experience, and how do you build a website if you’ve never done it before?

I’m a free stuff kind of guy, and so that is why I like to find as much of it as I can, and also why I’m passing it along to you. Just like a company who is about to build a sky scraper, you’ll need blue prints to follow.

If you’re a person who hasn’t spent much time on the net, or even on a computer, don’t worry because that won’t stop you. Making money on the Internet is no different than any other project, and so the first part is about planning. All you need is an internet connection, the right set of instructions, (the correct blue prints to follow) and a little time available each day to work on your new toy.

That’s right! I call this business a toy because, when I started my first marketing campaign I never felt like I was working. I’ve had too much fun for it to feel like work. The fact that making money on the internet is actually fun for me is also very important to me.

After working hard in construction all my life, it’s was a total change. I was one of those people who get classified as being computer illiterate, but not anymore. That was before early retirement left me with some time on my hands, and I just happened to run across an article about marketing on the internet that caught my interest.

That article caused me to begin considering all of the different possibilities that making money on the internet could provide for me if only I knew how to go about it. That was my problem, and I believe that problem is shared by every person who’s never done it.

My thirty years of construction experience was useless, for the most part, and so I began to research what I needed to do to start making money on the Internet.

Talk about frustration!

This concept of making money on the internet is as old as the net itself. That is why there is actually too much information on the subject.

Since there is so much information available, it’s easy to get side tracked. There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people out there trying to sell you a “get rich quick” plan for making money on the internet! (there is no such thing)

After countless hours of searching, reading and discarding  program after program, I finally focused on looking for the free stuff. I found plenty of free stuff but the best overall is what I’ll share with you here.

When you get started for the first time there is a lot to learn, and to save time you need a good blue print, or game plan. Having a step by step program that takes you through the planning and research stages and right on through to the actual process of designing that first web site, is the most important “first step”.

I wasted countless hours spinning my wheels on things that didn’t matter. There are also many “short cuts”, and many “must do tips” to help you to save time by not wasting it on things that are incorrect, or are omitted.

Having a knowledge of what works is the key to making money on the internet.

It’s that simple. Making money on the internet is long distance marketing. World wide marketing. The nice part is that you don’t have to do it face to face, and go through all of the rejection that is typical of an outside sales job, or even that of the telephone solicitor.

You simply learn how to:

  1. Find a great product(s) to sell (also called “niches” by marketing Gurus)
  2. Write great sales pages (or find people who do it cheap)
  3. Select excellent key word phrases to use (very important)
  4. Create attractive web pages (it’s so much easier than I thought it would be)
  5. Do the right things to get to the front page of the search engines (very important)

Those are the five main areas that make up a successful marketing campaign, and then applying what you have learned is all that you will need to start making money on the internet. Where you should start that learning process is the first step.

The very best free information on internet marketing I’ve found is at this link.

The internet is in a constant growth mode, and search engines like Google, (The world’s most popular search engine) Bing Search, (Microsoft’s entry into the burgeoning search engine market) & Yahoo are the leaders.

There are many more, but Google sets the standard by being the most popular. For this same reason, Google sets the standards that all marketers must pay attention to if they want their pages (web sites) to be seen.

The more traffic to your web site, the more opportunities you have to make a sale! Just like all sales, making money on the internet is simply a numbers game, and the more traffic your pages get, the greater chance you have to make more sales.

Traffic = Sales! Read this article, “Increase Blog Traffic – The Traffic Sniper”, and you’ll see what I mean by fantastic free information on how to get free traffic to your website.

Writing Great Articles

There is, of course, the second item on the list, writing great sales copy. That’s also a part of learning what works well.

Some sales persons have always been the best at what they do for their company’s marketing department, and just like them, since your sales copy IS your salesperson, the better it is the more sales you make.

The first step to making money on the internet is to go opt in to watch that video. Then you can begin to read up on all of the information that is available. That will also get you signed up for the free weekly newsletter which is chucked full of great information. There are videos and webinars (seminars on the web) as well. 

Just keep in mind that your game plan for making money on the internet can proceed much more quickly with a good set of instructions on the basics. I ended up getting into the inner circle later on, after I had already learned a great deal.

If you do join the inner circle at some point, you won’t regret it, but the very first thing you need to do is sign up for the free news letters and get started reading all of the free tips.That’s your first step to learning the information in the five “learn how to” categories above.

In other articles on this site I will share information about other excellent teachers that will add some new points of view that are exceptional, but getting the basics out of the way is the first step.

The next abundance of free information will take you to an even higher level of knowledge, but it is important to learn the basics before moving on. Then this list of common terms of the language used in this business will  become second nature. Go Check This Out!